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Inventive Consulting Ltd is looking for employees to projects in Russia and other CIS-countries.

Inventive Consulting Ltd is an equal opportunity employer and will consider all applicants without any bias to applicant's sex (male/female), age, ethnic background or religion.

In case you are interested working in Europe, Russian Federation and/or in other CIS-countries, please send us a short description of yourself to the following email address:

Short description of employment process:

1. Send us a short description of yourself to email address:
2. We will send you a questionnaire and CV-form for you to fill.
3. You fill in the questionnaire and CV form with your information
4.You send the questionnaire and CV back to us:
5. You will receive first feedback latest in two weeks.

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  • Markku Virevuo
  • HR
  • Phone: +358 45 8412262